About Us


About Us – Passion to Perform

We would like to welcome all the members and express how excited we are about making a positive change and bringing new life and energy to the club. Starting a new career in the fitness industry became our dream whilst we were running a successful café for almost ten years previously. Our commitment to train hard, stay motivated and focused inspired our customers. The café became more about educating the importance of healthy eating on a daily basis without “dieting” and living a happy lifestyle. Together our passion for motivating others to live a healthy and happy lifestyle has transformed us into a new and exciting business venture Xclusive Female Fitness Club.

History – Generations of Fit Women

Established since 1984 Xclusive Female Fitness Club was Australia’s first female only fitness club formerly known as Body Shape. Originally the club was part gymnasium and squash court. Over the years the club has brought together women who enjoy to bond in a fun and friendly environment with no pressure. The loyalty of members is today recognized as generations of fit and strong grandmothers, mothers and daughters stay committed to motivate and support each other whilst creating a vibe like no other club has seen.

Our Theory – Motivation Health Happiness

Motivation to achieve the goals set for yourself can be hard to find on your own. We believe as fitness professionals our duty at Xclusive Female Fitness Club is to motivate and inspire our members and ensure that our trainers push for maximum results with every workout. Achieving results is the key to staying motivated and with our focus on individual members needs every workout should be a success.

Health and life style is a balance that we all need in our lives. Educating our members on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle is our emphasis. We offer professional nutritional advice, dietary programs specific to individual needs and realistic training programs for busy everyday women. Our trainers will teach their clients how to make simple changes and better choices when it comes to fuelling your body with food. With our guidance and enthusiasm members will live and feel healthy.

Happiness is the ultimate and most amazing feeling. Sense of achievement and self-growth is exactly what you will feel once we have you completely motivated and living a healthy lifestyle. The Xclusive Female Fitness Club theory can become your reality. Our passion to create an atmosphere where women of all shape, size, age and fitness levels can train comfortably together will ultimately be the key to your success in life.



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