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KANGOO – FUN FUN FUN!!! An innovative class using Kangoo boots. Great for reduction of impact on joints. This class is perfect for people who are looking for something fun and energetic to loss weight, tone & get super fit. Long socks required. Boots for hire at reception for $5 – please book on the day as limited boots available Call 95831363.

BODY PUMP – Tone and condition your muscles using barbells and hand weights. Great class for all fitness levels wanting to learn technique using weights, an awesome overall body workout that can be low or high intensity.

BODY FIT – Circuit using weights to tone and condition muscles, incorporating body weight, boxing exercises to increase cardiovascular fitness and strength, no choreography so easy to go at your own pace. This is a great introduction to weight training for ALL fitness levels and ages. Great full body session to start the week…

CRX FIT – A higher intensity interval training program. In a circuit environment so you can go at your own pace to start. Focusing on increasing strength, power & endurance. All over body workout keeping your heart rate up by using both free weights/barbells and body weight to burn fat & build muscle.

METAFIT – is a style of HIIT and is designed to boost your fitness, rocket your energy levels & get massive results in the shortest amount of time possible. It gets results because it creates a Metabolic Disturbance, Increases your Resting Metabolic Rate, Increases Fat Burning, Works your major muscle groups functionally, mimic’s everyday movements, warm up, cool down & stretch, A high intensity workout whole body workout.

TABATA – is a style of HIIT. Extreme fat burning workout. High intensity workout with low impact options for beginners to advance. Working hard for only 20secs at high level pace with 10secs recovery, each cycle goes 4mins and then repeated. Insanely Sweaty Workout…

SPARTAN – A high intensity class to challenge your strength with compound weights and body weight exercises that get the heart racing and the fat cells crying as you push your limits. Incorporating functional, primal animal movements & focusing on strengthening the whole body and core.

SPIN – A low to high impact class it all up to you!!! Using Spin bikes to get your heart racing and your legs burning while you ride to the beats of the music. Great cardio workout for those looking to build strength in legs and core while burning fat & dripping sweat…

BOXING – Gear up for a great cardio workout with a combination of boxing COMBOS incorporating Tummies, Thighs & Butts. Great total body workout both cardio & resistance, great for beginners wanting to start BOXING.

FIGHT FIT – High energy workout and low impact moves for all ages & fitness levels, NO partners needed, mixed with freestyle boxing actions & moves. It’s a fantastic cardio and toning workout, high calorie & fat burner.

STEP – A choreographed aerobic workout using an adjustable platform to build up to a routine. Ideal for cardio fitness and lower strengthening & toning. Keep it low or lift it up to high intensity!!!

ZUMBA – A dance fitness workout with a twist, in a fun & dynamic environment using easy moves for all to try. No dance experience required. Great cardio workout gets your hips and booty shaking like Shakira!!!

STRONG by Zumba – Is a FUN high intensity interval training workout driven by the science of Synced Music Motivation. … Class uses more traditional fitness moves for a more athletic, conditioning-style workout. Great workout for increasing strength & fitness.

LATINO BLAST – is a full cardio class, you’ll be dancing to all kinds of Latino music styles. Feel the blast in this dance fitness class that awakens your rhythm. Get ready to burn calories and have some fun!!!

JAPANESE KI YOGA – Japanese yoga is based on the Indian Hatha yoga, incorporating Asian philosophies. Working with the meridian systems [acupuncture points] of the body. Your breath is used with every movement to move Qi or Ki [energy] through the body to release stagnation and a huge focus is placed on strengthening the Hara [core]. No shoes necessary, yoga mat required.

HATHA YOGA – It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation. Great workout to end a long day.

PILATES – Balance the mind and body with a lower stress exercise for physical and mental wellbeing. Improving flexibility and correcting posture with floor exercises and poses that reinforce flexibility and total body strength. No shoes necessary, yoga mat required.

EXPRESS LUNCH CLASS – Small group personal training (PAID PROGRAM) Bookings Essential (MIN 4 PEOPLE – MAX 6 PER SESSION) Non Members Welcome for details and pricing call 95831363 or speak to the team at reception. Sessions run for 30 minute, full body training session, all ages and fitness levels. Get your own group together or jump in with others. Classes are subject to booking numbers and 24hr cancelation policy applies*


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