Fit Mum Tips

Fit Mum Tips

1. Set goals and measure your progress

It is good to start off with small daily and weekly goals to lead you to your larger long term goals. The best way to do this is creating daily fitness and nutrition goals e.g. start with, “I will drink eight glasses of water today.” Or, “I will not eat any chocolate today.” Hold yourself accountable to these goals by telling other people about them. A good support system works wonders.

Keep an exercise and food journal so you’re more aware of your eating and fitness habits. Recognize things you can improve and you’ll be more pertinent to change. Don’t just measure your progress by your weight only; other factors such as energy levels and how you feel on the inside are also very important.

2. Make time for fitness

Starting a workout program is always the hardest step, but at Xclusive Female Fitness, we are always here to help you out and keep it on track. Whether you need to come with your child during our crèche opening hours, have a PT help you stay on track for the first couple of months, do group classes to get you started and excited or need us to write you up your own program; our staff are always here to keep you motivated and on top of your fitness program in order to achieve your goal!

3. Eat well and wisely

Oh, I know. This is easier said than done. You don’t need to go crazy with your diet, but at least try to keep only healthy foods in your house and carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. You can also stash healthy snacks like fruit and nuts in your car to bust those cravings. For better homemade meals, buy a healthy cookbook, or try a new healthy recipe each week. For those days you’re eating out, skip the bread basket and eat slowly. If you have to eat fast food, order a salad or a grilled chicken sandwich.

4. Make good health part of your parenting

Fitness can be fun. And for kids, exercise just means play time. If your kids are outside, go play with them! Jump rope, climb on the jungle gym, play tag, play catch. Not only is it great for you, but your kids will love having you as a play buddy.


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