Letter to Members

Letter to Members

Xclusive Female Fitness Club Pty Limited

Dear Loyal Members,

As you are all well aware by now Body Shape Sans Souci has been sold and from Monday the 16th December 2013 Xclusive Female Fitness Club will be officially taking over management.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell members about our vision for the clubs future. We plan to achieve our goals over the next two years. By making small changes at a time members will be as excited as us to bring a vibe back that has been missing for a while. We are full of energy and we know that we can make a positive change by bringing the passion for fitness back in and improving the facilities and equipment.

Initially our intentions are to completely rebrand the club and create a new, fresh look and image. Our company is “Xclusive Female Fitness” and our theory of “Motivation Health Happiness” is going to be the emphasis of the Club and exactly what we aim to achieve.

The Club will slowly be fitted with the latest equipment to ensure that all the members a receiving a successful workout with every visit and that our instructors have the tools to make every class stand out. We will focus and work closely with members to turn recent complaints into complements.

As we enter 2014 the first floor should be fitted with the accurate cooling system to create a more pleasant training environment along with other much anticipated necessities for group fitness.

The timetable will continue as is and classes will not be altered until we have the chance to liaise with members. With the help off our trained professional instructors we will bring exciting changes such as early morning 30min express classes, we will introduce tabata, boot-camps, club warrior challengers and many more new fun styles of training maybe even some poll fitness or belly dancing who knows the options are endless.

Our emphasis on teaching members how to live a healthy lifestyle is going to eventually mean we will have nutritionist, dietician, food coach and physio on site for members to be educated and feel comfortable to talk to someone familiar.

We hope to continue another 30 years of bringing pure “Motivation Health Happiness” to all the generations of women that have supported the club with their loyalty over the past years and for the next 30 years of generations to come.

Yours truly,

Paula and Lakis Michaels

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