start-quaote The owner of Xclusive gym leads her staff fairly and is fearless. She is a machine that doesn’t give up and is passionate about the overall health and well-being of everyone that walks through the door.

Breeds a culture of empowered and strong women.
Regardless of what ages, women ranging from young to older are consistently coming to the gym because we feel safe and supported. Here, we are able to bios our confidence, self esteem, stamina and endurance. The value that is placed is evident in the loyalty of the clients.

Each staff member is exceptionally qualified and has their own friendly personality and style which allows clients to gain quality work out sessions. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group fitness class or one to one, clients feel the positive vibes in the atmosphere. To be pushed and persevere throughout their time spent here. Woman feel a sense of power and energy through their mind and body. When you leave this gym, you feel as if you are able to face work and life challenges.

Members of the Xclusive gym can expect a professional level of service as well as a connection to the gym itself. You definitely feel a sense of belonging and unity amongst all the women. They teach you the appropriate techniques and give you strategies that are tailored to your body type.

This gym provides a wide range of choices between classes. Choreographed routines are different every time which keeps it exciting every time you visit.

If you want to be pushed, a better you, come here and get a kick start… come here to get supported… come here to feel good! end-quaote

Roula Bebedellis

start-quaote I have been training at Xclusive Female Fitness for over 2 years now and have become addicted to the Kangoo classes .. The instructors are very motivating and the classes are always fun and full of energy! end-quaote

Jade Damade

start-quaote Best thing about the gym is the people and staff I had my son this year and have been doing morning classes and using the creche the girls in the creche are fantastic with the kids I can do multiple classes with no worries I can’t get enough of the gym I’m addicted …Lol end-quaote

Alex Conan

start-quaote This place is literally where the magic happens. With the incredible strength, support and motivation from the awesome trainers and staff as well as the camaraderie from fellow members I achieved a healthier lifestyle and made lifelong friends in the process. Love Alex end-quaote

Diana Nikolovski

start-quaote I love the culture of the gym. All the girls are engaging, the classes are fun and Dora is an inspiration to all of us xx end-quaote

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