Water for Life!

Water for Life!

About 70% of our adult body is made up of water. It’s little wonder we need water to keep ourselves hydrated. Water is very important as it is used to carry essential nutrients to your cells in the body and is used to flush out toxins.

Here are 5 great reasons to up your water intake and/or switch to water away from sugary soft drinks and juices…


Consuming a glass of water on waking helps to kick start your metabolism. It really is like a wake up call to the rest of your body to swing into action. Do this as part of your regular wake up routine first thing in the morning – before making a trip to the bathroom and before your breakfast.

Put a glass of water by your bedside – I prefer a water bottle – that way you can’t forget. As soon as that alarm goes off, just reach over and grab your water bottle and consumer about 1 glass full.


Drinking water helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. Sometimes our thirst can be mistaken for hunger and instead of reaching for water, we find ourselves snacking unnecessarily. So, next time you feel like a craving for naughty junk food outside of normal meal times, reach for your water instead.


A lack of water can you make you dehydrated, which can result in lack of energy, lack of concentration, lack of mental alertness and tiredness. Dehydration can also result in muscle weakness and dizziness.


Water in combination with a healthy diet of fresh fruit & vegetables rich in essential vitamins and minerals, will helpkeep your skin looking fresh. When you switch to a healthy intake of water, people also often notice a nice healthy glow in your skin.


You should be drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Water intake should increase when you exercise – especially on days of intense exercise and even more so on hot humid days. You should also increase water consumption during illness, pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Additionally, increasing your water intake will make you go to the bathroom more, creating incidental exercise and forcing you to take a break from your desk

I’ll drink to that – water that is!!! Cheers, Di xo

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